A Newbie’s Guide to Cooking Pasta the Real Italian Way

A Newbie's Guide to Cooking Pasta the Real Italian Way

Cooking used to be an expert job, but today technology has made it possible even for the novice cooks to prepare yummy and delicious food. These appliances have made cooking fun and are a boon for the newbies.

We all love to eat pasta, but we mostly end up buying the uncooked pasta packets and making pasta dishes out of it. It is not healthy and that is certainly not the authentic Italian way. Italians make their pasta fresh from the scratch. With a pasta maker at home, even the most inexperienced person can get freshly prepared pasta ready in almost no time. While the pasta maker doles out perfectly shaped pasta, you can prepare the other ingredients needed to make authentic Italian pasta. Here’s a guide to cooking pasta the real Italian way.

Never Add Oil to Water

Oil is added to avoid the pasta from sticking together, but if you add oil to the pot of boiling water it will simply float on the top and will not serve the purpose. You should add oil to the pasta once you drain it.

Add Pasta to Boiling Water

Italians love their pasta al dente and for this, it is absolutely necessary for the pasta to be cooked with the minimum time of contact with water. Cooking pasta in boiling water is essential for gelatinizing the starches present in it to make it digestible. So, instead of adding pasta to a pot of cold water and letting it boil, it is always recommended to add it once the water starts boiling. Also, don’t lower the temperature as it will make the pasta mushy. Cook it on high flame.

How to Check If Pasta Is Cooked?

It is of no use to flick the pasta on a wall and wait for it to stick. The best way to check if it is properly cooked is to bite it. It should be soft to bite but still hard. When you look at it, a thin segment in the middle should look paler than the sides. This is the perfect way to be sure that the pasta is cooked al dente – the way Italians want their pasta to be.

Never Rinse Pasta

Another common mistake that people do is rinsing pasta under running water after draining it. This removes the starch from its surface and does not allow the sauce to stick to it. It also stops the cooking process, which should actually continue until the pasta is served.

Keep the Sauce Ready

Whatever sauce you are planning to make, keep it ready by the time you boil and drain the pasta. As soon as the pasta is cooked, add it to the cooked sauce and sauté for few minutes on high heat. Also, reserve some water in which the pasta was boiled. Use it if you find your sauce to be thick. This water, being rich in starch released from the pasta, will enhance and enrich the sauce.

By following these tips, even a newbie will be able to cook pasta the real Italian way. Enjoy every bite of the authentically-prepared Italian pasta sautéed with your favourite choices of sauce.


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