Arnon Dror CT Underlines the Importance of Chief Financial Officers

Arnon Dror CT Underlines the Importance of Chief Financial Officers

The chief financial officer, commonly referred to as a CFO, tend to be one of the most important professionals working at a company. These officers are essentially the ones responsible for managing the finances of any firm. Arnon Dror CT ideally highlights that these professionals are the ones taking care of the diverse aspects relating to the financial planning of an organization, as well as managing the relevant financial risks.  Chief financial officers usually are also responsible for financial reporting, record keeping, and even data analysis at times. Arnon Dror essentially is a former Chief Financial Officer and therefore is able to provide expert insights in this domain.

Arnon Dror is largely based at Westport, CT, USA. Over the years he has worked with a host of companies of both national and international repute. Arnon Dror CT has held key positions in companies like Creo, Xerox, Scitex, Kodak and Presstek.  He has additionally led diverse initiatives in his time in the industry, including piloting mergers and business turnarounds.  The expertise of Arnon Dror tends to lie in the word of finance, and he has built quite a reputation for himself in the domain of treasury, accounting, financial planning and analysis, as well as mergers and acquisitions. His extensive expertise in the field makes him an ideal candidate to talk about the importance of chief financial officers.

Arnon Dror CT highlights the fact that chief financial officers are generally tasked with diverse strategic and tactical matters that relate to forecasting needs, cost–benefit analysis, budget management, as well as securing of new funding. Here are few of the key duties of a CFO:

  • Providing the finance and accounting team of an organization with the necessary management, direction and leadership, so as to make sure that they perform in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Providing the chief executive officer [CEO] or even the president of the organization with well-planned strategic recommendations. These professionals can even advise the members of the executive management team.
  • Chief financial officers are generally the ones responsible for managing the processes important for financial budgets and forecasting, as well as oversee the preparing of the relevant financial reporting
  • Providing important advise and counsel on long-term business and financial planning
  • Both establishing and developing relations with the senior management of an organization, and also the important external partners and stakeholders
  • Offering the review of distinct IT, HR and finance relating procedures and processes.
  • Deciding how to invest the money of the company by taking into consideration the diverse factors relating to risk and liquidity.

In addition to Arnon Dror architecture, he is also quite interested in sports and modern technologies. He especially keeps an eye out for the latest especially gadgets and cars. He is also quite an ardent viewer of American football.  Being a specialist in the financial domain, Arnon Dror is additionally incredibly passionate about assisting others to efficiently manage their financials.


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