Cancer during pregnancy – Here is an overview about some crucial aspects

Cancer during pregnancy – Here is an overview about some crucial aspects

There can be different cases of pregnancy and getting diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy is one of them. However, this is a rare situation but the existence can’t be denied. There can be other case as well where one may get pregnant while receiving the treatment for cancer. Thus, both the situations can exist. There are lots of research studies in this segment and they state that cancer won’t usually affect the unborn baby. But certain therapies and medicines used during the treatment of cancer may pose a certain degree of risk to the fetus.

What should be done if cancer is there while being pregnant?

Once there is a clear diagnosis that cancer is there, then it is really important to go as per the advice of the doctor. If you or any of your near and dear ones is in this kind of situation then work closely with your doctor and he or she will surely suggest about the best treatment that can safeguard the life of the mother as well as the baby. Cancer and pregnancy can go on together. The only thing is you must get the right treatment on time.

The situations that can be observed

It is true that cancer during pregnancy is not that common but exceptions are always there. Women can be diagnosed with different types of cancers like breast cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia, ovarian cancer, bone cancer etc.

It is very important to understand the symptoms associated with cancer but it is seen that certain symptoms of cancer are highly similar to that of pregnancy like fatigue, vomiting, changes in breast, bloating etc. So, if you feel that the intensity of the symptoms is not normal then in this caseconsult the doctor as soon as possible. If the doctor feels that there are chances of having cancer then certain tests may be recommended to reach conclusions. The tests can be like x-ray, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, Biopsy etc. Only after the test results, the exact situation can be known.

The present day medical advancement

Nowadays medical science is really developed and there is no need to terminate the pregnancy even when one is having cancer. But in severe conditions doctors may recommend opting for abortion or may suggest having the delivery before the planned period. The situation will vary from case to case, thus it is really important to be in regular touch with the doctor.

Some cancers may spread from the mother to the unborn baby but in most of the cases there won’t be a direct threat to the fetus. With thorough diagnosis a doctor can come to the exact conclusion that whether cancer would affect the baby or not. With proper treatment and timely intervention, you can have a healthy baby even after fighting with cancer. Some medicines or treatments may be unsuitable for the baby and the doctor may recommend some alternate therapies to improvise the condition.

How should you handle the situation?

If there is a clear diagnosis about Cancer in early pregnancy then instead of panicking and getting depressed, you should think that how to manage the pregnancy in the best possible manner. Once you will get in touch with an experienced doctor then your fears will disappear and you will get immense courage not only to fight cancer but also to have a completely healthy baby.


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