Grabbing better market share through smart Product Engineering Services


With each passing day, there is an enhancement in the demand sophistication from the customers, which is prompting the manufacturing system to adopt innovative solutions. There is a revolution of product engineering, which has transformed the entire business ecosystem. To stay ahead in the competition, business houses need to adopt newer technologies and smarter manufacturing processes. This will lead to better product portfolio and lower process waste. This lean manufacturing practice generates negligible process waste and thus churns out maximum profit.  The extra revenue generated, can in turn be used to enhance the organizations R&D capability, fuelling more innovation. Thus, this act of product engineering services, are nothing but wheels of continual improvement.

More and more market players are pouring every day, which is making competition tougher for the existing business houses. Companies have to work with cut throat profit margin, which is pushing their R&D department to the limits. To be among the major player, in this well informed market, organizations have to master product engineering services to minimize unit production cost and maximize sales. The name of the game is inventory minimization and sales maximization, which can only be possible, if organizations work with all the knowledge of latest technology and processes they have. With the IoT (Internet of all Things), information flow has increased by many folds. Now a customer can source material from different suppliers, from around the globe, without any fuss.

Thus, the trick is to optimize the organizations supply chain function, to derive maximum profit margins. Organizations tend to source material from vendors who are located closer to their manufacturing plant. In this way, they would optimize logistic cost, which is a considerable amount for a medium to large industry.  Any little cost saving in logistics, turns out to be big in the organizations accounts books at the end of the financial year. Previous theories of production management suggested that to supply better quality product, the production cost goes up. The same needs to be recovered from the selling price of the product. However, this theory is obsolete now, as it is well accepted fact that, better the quality of the product, lesser the cost of one unit. In other words, better quality product means, better product engineering and process used in production, which reflects cost saving in the long run.

Thus, product engineering leads to a better product version, therefore increasing the brand image of the business as a whole. A better quality product creates deeper market penetration, thus fuelling further growth. There are certain organization like semiconductor and electronics, whose products constantly evolve over a short time period of 6 months. They use the latest product engineering services of quality technology partner, to stay ahead in the market. It is necessary for the technology partner to work in close coordination with the organizations core team, to understand the detail system requirement, to implement the best available solutions. The theme of smart organization revolves around the fact that quality is not detected but manufactured, religiously.

For that to happen constantly, product engineering teams, must work out best possible solution and processes, for every batch manufactured. It is the duty of the technology partner to carry out periodic system audits, to check for the effectiveness of the system. Both the organization and technology partner should keep one thing in mind that product testing cost should not go out of control, to the extent that it reflects in the final selling price of the same. Many a times it has been seen that, to obtain the desired result, huge amount of money has been spent, which is difficult to recover from the market in terms of selling price of the product.


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