Jeffrey Breault – The Importance of Having Realistic Expectations in The Field of Car Racing

Jeffrey Breault - The Importance of Having Realistic Expectations in The Field of Car Racing

Jeffrey Breault is extremely passionate about cars and automotive racing. He is the Vice President of Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita, USA. Besides cars and automotive racing, he loves to listen to country music. Jeffrey Breault says that the field of car racing is a highly competitive one and you must be aware of the right techniques to be good at it. This includes working on your performance on the tracks and taking expert tips from veterans that have been extremely successful in the sport.

The importance of having expectations that are real

He says that most professional drivers on the track have the desire to be fast. This holds true for newcomers who believe that being fast means you are a good driver. Experts in the field say this is not the thought that will make you into an accomplished professional. You need first to set expectations that are realistic and master smooth movements. The key to becoming a good car racing driver is not fast movements but smooth movements. This is why you should learn from your mistakes during the practice sessions and gradually work on improving your movements.

The need to identify mistakes

The movements should be slow in the first few laps. You need to look ahead of the circuit and focus on well. This is where you can actually identify the common mistakes you make. A good driver will always recognize his weakness on the circuit. This can be done during the practice sessions as well. Once the mistakes have been noted the next step is to work on them. There are several workshops on car racing organized by experts in the field. Attending them as much as possible helps you to improve as a professional driver. With knowledge, you are able to rectify all your flaws and this, in turn, helps you to excel as a professional car racing specialist.

Practice to perfection

Overnight changes are not possible when it comes to professional car racing. This is where you should focus on the areas where you should improve. This comes with practice, and the more you do it, the better you become. The idea here is to set one goal at a time. Setting too many expectations and goals on yourself will burn you out, and this again will hamper your overall performance. Be prudent with your choices and with the right guidance; you effectively are able to master techniques that work well for you on the racing track.

Jeffrey Breault says when it comes to automotive racing cars, there are no right or wrong rules that you need to abide by. You should ensure that you are aware of the ways via which you effectively can improve skills and techniques as a professional driver. This will ensure that you get the best out of your practice sessions to overcome weaknesses and excel at becoming a good professional driver with experience, skills and powerful techniques to emerge victorious at every race- the key- keep your expectations real!


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