Punching Machine That You Can Purchase For Your Office Documents


With the increase in business activities, you need to maintain some records offline too in addition to those in the digital medium. Having said that, we mean, you need some important information and documents to be preserved in print and at the same time, you need some documents to be created to support the sales team. Dossiers, leaflets, and brochure, for instance, are some of the documents that work as the sales promotional tools. You will be happy to know that punching machines such as the Renz DTP340A have come with a promise and already have won many hearts all over the world.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of a punching machine:  

  • Fast and reliable: Punching machines are usually very fast and reliable. However, Renz DTP340A machine is the fastest machine in its class (up to 3 times faster than the bench top machine as opined by the experts) and it also ejects papers automatically.
  • Heavy-duty machine: You will be happy to know that it’s a heavy-duty machine with an average machine cycle hour that can in between 1800 – 2000 cycles. As such, you get hassle-free faster output here for long hours.
  • Versatile machine: This is palpably one of the most valid reasons why one should go for the punching machines. This machine has high flexibility for adjusting different paper formats such as books and calendars and others like the coil, ring wire, and plastic comb. However, vertical paper feeding gives the optimum results here.
  • Desktop machine: You can keep this machine as a desktop item since it has an average dimension of 880 x 640 x 380 mm (L x W x H). However, this dimension may vary from model to model.
  • Minimum supervision: It is a semi-automatic machine and thus, requires minimum supervision. This, in turn, helps you minimise the overhead cost and increases productivity.
  • Lightweight machine: The punching machines are indeed lightweight considering the heavy-duty that it does. It weighs close to 53 kg without packing.
  • Low power consumption: Based on the model of the punching machine that you have purchased, the load in the power line may be required from 230V to 250V.

In short, the application of punching machines such as the Renz DTP340A will be substantially increased in the small and medium offices. It is up to one’s ingenuity how he takes such a machine to his advantage befitting the short-term and long-term goals of the business.


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