The different types of pregnancy tests


How can a woman tell that she is pregnant? Yes there are some early signs of pregnancy but you can resort to types of pregnancy tests at home to obtain more clarity.

Pregnancy tests undertaken at your home

These tests you can take in digital and standard formats. In case of digital you can use it up to 6 days of your last missed period but when it is the case of standard test it would be 4 days of your last missed period. Be aware that if you take the test early false results may emerge. When it is a false negative result, it means that you are pregnant, but the results are going to reveal the exact opposite.

The test needs to be taken the first thing in the morning as the hormone along with urine levels tends to be in a concentrated phase. But this is not a need that the test results will be accurate. The urine that you are collecting needs to be in a dry container.

If the test results are negative, wait for a few days and then opt for the test once again. If there appears a faint line it certifies the fact that you are pregnant.

In case of digital tests they are more sensitive and accurate when you compare it to the standard tests. A lot of women do prefer this form of test as the results are displayed in the form of yes and no. Just be aware that these tests are a lot expensive and you are going to need a few of them.

All the type of pregnancy tests that are available in the market does go on to last for 2 to 3 years after they are manufacturer. Considering what you are trying to accomplish it does not make any sense to opt for an expired pregnancy test.

Urine test

This is one of the types of pregnancy tests at doctor’s clinic. This cannot be possible in case of commercial pharmacies as most of them evolve on the principle of HCG detection. The only difference is that when you avail the services of a professional you can certify the accuracy of the test. The only thing that you need to be aware is that these tests work out to be a lot costly.

Blood tests

These are tests that are taken at the chamber of the doctor. This also works on the same principle of HCG detection. Be aware that HCG detection does become a lot easier in blood than urine tests. The blood tests tend to be on the expensive side and the results would take a longer time to arrive.

There are a couple of blood tests, which are the qualitative and the quantitative versions. The basic principle would be to check out the levels of HCG in the body. Though the quantitative version does appear to be the most accurate among all the type of pregnancy tests. Any problems during pregnancy can be tracked down.


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