The Secret to Making YouTube Thumbnails That Serve as Clickbait


Mobiles have become an inevitable part of people’s lives. The first thing some people do when they wake up in the morning is scroll through their social media accounts or instant chat applications. If you are one of them, then you know Facebook has become an essential part of your life. While scrolling through your timeline, how often do you randomly click on Facebook videos just on getting impressed by the thumbnail image? It has been quite a few times, right?

So, if you are a social media influencer then you know how the social media works as an audience? Your content can also get the random clicks by people residing in various parts of the world if you have an impressive thumbnail. Or, even if you upload a video on Facebook, people still end up clicking on it by mistake while scrolling their timeline.

YouTube was at one point in time the largest social media platform but now since Facebook has taken over, you should upload your content on Facebook to connect to a wider audience. This will not only make you famous but will also increase your number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Firstly, you must upload a content on YouTube that is unique and has something new for the audience. There are millions of videos on YouTube with a different kind of content so to make sure that your videos get the maximum number of users, you must work hard, research and upload an interesting video. Secondly, before opening your video, your audience will only be able to view the thumbnail of your content. So, you need to ensure that the thumbnail is attractive enough to grab the attention of the audience.

You can upload your videos on YouTube first and use the YouTube to the Facebook converter tool which will give you YouTube to Facebook video free service to make the video appropriate for Facebook. This free service is available on many websites and when you upload the converted video on Facebook, your audience on clicking that video will be redirected to your YouTube channel. They will be watching the video on your YouTube channel which will increase your view naturally without any extra amount.

But you should know, that you can never use that same thumbnail image for Facebook. So, you can upload a customised thumbnail or capture an image from the video and set it as a thumbnail. The thumbnails for Facebook, however, are clearer than YouTube’s with increased pixel and also are bigger in size. You can get the specifications of the Facebook thumbnail by searching for converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail on any search engine.

Set the thumbnail image as per Facebook’s regulations and upload the video on Facebook. On top of the thumbnail, a play button will be attached. So, if your audience likes your thumbnail and clicks on the video then naturally your views will start increasing. Also if you have a bigger thumbnail, some people might accidentally click on it while scrolling their timeline because it occupies quite a lot of space. In these ways, a bigger thumbnail can serve as a wonderful clickbait!


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